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your partner in sustainable energy solutions. We combine the power of artificial intelligence and drone technology to offer innovative energy auditing for commercial and residential applications. We are committed to helping you improve your energy efficiency while reducing your environmental footprint.

At Envirotech AI, we believe in a sustainable future where energy efficiency is at the forefront. Utilizing AI and drone technology, we’re revolutionizing the way energy audits are conducted. Our team of dedicated professionals leverages their expertise in AI, drone technology, and energy auditing to deliver precise, detailed, and accurate reports, providing our clients with the insights they need to make informed energy decisions.

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We Provide Superior Thermal Inspection Services

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Continuous Innovation and Trend Forecasting: Staying updated with the latest advancements in thermal imaging and drone tech, and predicting future market trends. Plus

Electrical Tower Inspection

Ensuring the efficiency and safety of electrical towers is paramount. Traditional inspections, being hands-on, pose risks and are time-consuming. Drones equipped with thermal imaging have transformed this, enhancing precision and safety. Thermal imaging is adept at pinpointing hotspots on components like transformers and insulators, signaling potential malfunctions. Early detection enables timely maintenance, upholding the power grid's integrity.

Roof Inspection

Roofs often lose energy due to insulation issues, leaks, or poor construction. Traditionally, inspections required physical roof access. Now, drone thermal imaging streamlines this task. Flying overhead, drones use thermal imaging to spot temperature variations, indicating insulation inefficiencies. They can also detect wet insulation in flat roofs by identifying warmer areas after sunset, pointing to potential leaks.

Roof-Based HVAC Inspection with Thermal Imaging

Roof-mounted HVAC systems, vital for indoor climate control, can sometimes be energy-draining if malfunctioning. Using drones with thermal imaging, inspections become streamlined and accurate. These thermal scans quickly highlight any inefficiencies, from overheating units to those underperforming. Additionally, they can detect areas on the roof where conditioned air may be escaping, pointing to potential insulation or sealing issues.

At Envirotech AI, our approach to energy auditing is holistic and cutting-edge. We’ve seamlessly integrated thermal imaging technology for both electrical tower and rooftop HVAC inspections. The synergy between drone agility and the detailed insight from thermal imaging provides a comprehensive evaluation of your infrastructure’s energy efficiency. From the vast expanse of electrical towers to the complexities of roof-based HVAC systems, trust Envirotech AI for unparalleled accuracy in inspections.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us


Envirotech AI offers solutions to manage resources efficiently, leading to reduced environmental impact.

Predictive Analysis

Uses data to predict environmental changes, helping industries and governments prepare or take preventive actions.


Automated systems can optimize energy and resource use, leading to significant savings.

Real-time Monitoring

Provides instantaneous feedback on environmental conditions, aiding timely decision-making.

Quick Response

Envirotech AI allows for immediate reactions to changing environmental conditions or anomalies, ensuring timely interventions and reducing potential harm.

Enhanced Decision-making

Integrates vast amounts of data for holistic environmental analysis, improving the quality of decisions.

People Say The Nicest Things

Envirotech AI isn't just about technology; it's about transforming the way we manage and maintain structures. Our precision is unmatched, and the peace of mind we provide is priceless

Jeniffer Smith


Envirotech AI’s thermal and drone expertise is unparalleled. They identified unnoticed issues in our solar panels and HVAC, ensuring cost savings. Their commitment to privacy and compliance is commendable. Highly recommended

Pamela Duncan


Envirotech AI transformed our inspection process. Their accuracy is unmatched, and their dedication to compliance is evident. A game-changer in thermal imaging

Steve Tailor

Building Manager

Envirotech AI’s thermal imaging is a game-changer for building management. They detect issues early, saving us time and money. Essential for any building manager

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